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Following a Paleo and wholefoods lifestyle has been an important part of my life for many years now. I truly believe that what you eat directly impacts how your body performs both physically and mentally.

I am also a strong advocate of eating seasonal, locally grown foods and in particular I eat organic or free range wherever possible.

Being part of the CrossFit community and surrounded by people who take their health very seriously I noticed a distinct lack of savoury snack options that complemented a Paleo or primal lifestyle, snack foods that were crunchy and tasty and genuinely satisfying. Cue Libby’s Free Range Pork crack.

The product itself serves as a delicious high protein, moderate fat and zero carbohydrate snack food. Whether you eat like a caveman and want a post WOD hit or simply enjoy delicious tasting snacks that are good for you and made from the best ingredients, you’re the reason I created this product.


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Can't ask for much more than that.
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  • Pork belly - possibly the finest method of protein and fat delivery known to man. And now I can carry this amazingness in my glovebox, and my gym bag!

    — Darren Ellis - Founder of CrossFit NZ —
  • woahhhhh this stuff is DELICIOUS!!! You HAVE to try it, Paleo Crack from Heaven!!!

    — Boyard Engels —
  • I love all the flavours and even more so that it's totally natural
    and complementary to my Paleolithic lifestyle.

    — Dani Strong —


I’m fiending! How long do I have to wait for my hit?

We will package and ship your crack within two business days of receiving your order. Delivery can take anywhere from 3-5 days and rural delivery takes a little longer. It’s worth the wait.

For queries about couriered orders please visit and enter your tracking information or call 0800 367 728

For rural deliveries use the NZ Post website to track your parcel or call customer services on 0800 501 501

What kind of pork do you use?

We ONLY source happy wee pigs from NZ ‘s most idyllic free-farmed pork farms. We don’t support the practice of factory farming in the slightest. Happy pigs make for better tasting crack. Fact.

My kids keep stealing my stash, is it ok for them to eat?

Absolutely!! It’s never too early to start a crack habit. Because it is made from all natural ingredients it is completely safe for your wee human to eat and is particularly good for teething  - we recommend ordering the Au Naturel flavour which is lightly seasoned with Himalayan Pink Salt.

I want you to take my money but i don’t have a PayPal account, what gives?

Just click through to the PayPal screen and select the option to use a credit card – we accept all credit cards and online shopping friendly debit cards.

What if I have no teeth?

Buy it for a friend and get them to describe to you just what you’re missing out on.

What happens if my crack isn’t as amazing as I was expecting?

It would break our hearts we knew that you didn’t love every mouthful so if you aren’t 100% happy with your order please get in touch via and we’ll sort out a replacement for you.

I’m allergic to gluten and don’t eat sugar, is crack a legit snack option for me?

Get your fiend on my friend! The only ingredients we use are Free Range Pork Rind, Himalayan Pink Salt and Organic Spices (in the Hot & Spicy and Moroccan varieties) there are absolutely no artificial additives, MSG, e-numbers and definitely no gluten based proteins involved.

How many bags should I order at one time?

All the bags.


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